Video Security & Surveillance in the Cloud

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  • All video clips from all locations and all cameras can be easily displayed at the same time on the same screen.
  • Sort the clips by date, time, location, or camera name.
  • Display as few as 10 clips at a time or as many as you want.
  • All video clips are one minute, and there is no limit on how many can be stored.
  • There is no "lock out" period on video transmission. If an event takes 3 minutes, you'll have 3 60 second video clips.
  • No hard drive space to worry about. If you want video stored for 14 days ... you'll have it.

Video Clips ... 60 seconds in length ... No Time Out

  • ENCRYPTED CREDENTIALS are provided using bank-level AES128 encryption.
  • SUPERVISED VIDEO is provided on all camera connections.
  • TICKETING SYSTEM will inform you if any camera experience any technical problem whatsoever.
  • NOTIFICATIONS can be transmitted via SM and/or email to notify a user of an occurrence.
  • GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE (GUI) is 100% icon based and easy to understand and navigate.
  • DOWNLOAD VIDEO can be done in a matter of seconds (based on permission level of user).
  • SNAPSHOTS can be taken from any live view or playback mode (based on permission level of user).
  • VIEWING DEVICE can be any desktop or laptop computer, iPad, iPhone or Droid device.
  • LIVE VIEWING is included with all accounts. You can view an unlimited number of cameras at an unlimited number of locations at the same time using a single browser and log in.
  • VIEWING GROUPS allows you to combine cameras from different locations into a group.
  • VIDEO RECORDING can be done in three manners: event based video clips, fulltime/continuous or a combination.
  • PLAYBACK of video is very simple. To watch a video clip, simply click on it. To watch a fulltime video, just select the date and time ... voila, instant playback.
  • ARCHIVING of video can be for days, weeks or months. You'll know exactly how long the video will be stored, no guessing based on hard drive allotment.

A few of the many features . . .

Customized Web Portal

User is identified with name, account being accessed and permission level.

Date and time stamped user information.

Change the outside border colors to match your company colors.

Footer logo is another area to showcase your company brand.

Customized images for every partner. Show pictures of your building, people, vehicles, products, etc.

Welcome message is customizable for each partner.

Smart Icon tray only displays the icons that the user has access to.

Dealer toolbox helps your technicians stay efficient on the job.

Easy to use help section.

Generate a variety of management reports in seconds.

Informs you of any problems so you can take appropriate action.

Your Brand Name, Email and Telephone

Is a web based Video Management System that offers LIVE viewing, RECORDING (events or fulltime), and ARCHIVING (unlimited) of video. It's feature rich portal is customized for each partner, and provides the tools so you can easily manage thousands of video accounts ... generating RMR every step of the way.