Commercial and Residential Solutions

Non-residential construction costs have increased 4.75% between 1Q 2014 - 1Q 2015. Being able to efficiently view the progress at multiples job sites from a single location may very well be the difference between "make it" or "break it." Using advanced time lapse imaging allows you to see the work progress for several days in a few minutes.


Make sure mom and dad are OK

If your parents are elderly and desire to stay in their home, you may be able to rest a little easier because you'll be able to "look in" and actually see that they fine. If they have outside caretakers, you'll be able to monitor their activity, and should an accident happen, you can have it recorded on video for playback and/or download.


Effective video for the medical sector

A doctor's office has very specific requirements; public waiting room, management area, and the drug closet to name a few. Each area is critical to the overall office flow. Playback video to see if the cleaning crew was poking around, were all of the drug reps "playing fair?"


Video that keeps pace with the QSR business

Are the tables clean? Employees in uniform? Trash taken out? Proper number of employees during the right times? These real world questions must be considered when managing in this fast paced industry. Do you oversee multiple locations? Now you can monitor all of your stores on a single device. Playback recorded video whenever you want.


Watch over those who watch over yours

It's hard enough to leave your children in a daycare facility, much less have to wonder about the on-goings during the day while you're at work. Offer parents the ability to look-in on their children whenever they want.


Manage your business more effectively when you're away

Business today demands constant supervision and follow up. That's tough to do when the manager isn't there. Now you can monitor your business at your convenience. Are the shelves stocked ... aisles clear ... everybody dressed as they should be?


Protect what you value most

Keep an eye on your home and family from wherever you are, whenever you want. From seeing who was at your door or in your driveway, to watching the kids in the pool or monitoring the lawn care company. You'll be able to see it all...

Video Security & Surveillance in the Cloud