Traditional alarms typically receive a "Priority 3" response, while Video Verified alarms receive "Priority 1."

"Video" can be used to verify alarm conditions. Because it is 100% cloud based, and no video is stored locally, it can be used in conjunction with every Central Station automation software.

When an alarm is reported into the central station, the operator can either view the cameras at the location in live view mode (real time streaming video) or playback a video clip from any camera.

Be able to quickly and accurately assess the threat level with the proper response by incorporating video verification into every alarm system.

Video Security & Surveillance in the Cloud

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars for software integration.

Because "Video" is 100% cloud based, the application is ready to go right now.

No hardware or proprietary software to buy.

Compatible with all Automation Software

Alarm Verification Offers More . . .